Snapline “She” / Out Of Town Films

Snapline, the fourth band we filmed with while visiting Beijing, China, was the one band that nearly everyone we spoke to told us we had to meet. With nothing but praise for the bands roots in noise, punk and experiential style from the folks we talked to, we were equally excited to meet with them and hear them perform live. We even saw bassist Li Weisi perform the night before at XP Bar for an experimental music night, which we didn’t realize until we saw him at our shoot the next day.

Another interesting bit of information was that the lead singer, Chen Xi, works for Microsoft and we were told he was “highly functioning” as our sound man Deng Chenglog described, and because of his full time work schedule we had to plan to film around that. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant other than Xi sounded like he had an important job, and I wondered how that highly functioning description would tie into the  music.  Fortunately, we were able to catch up with them on the Wednesday before we were leaving China and see for ourselves. They performed two songs that evening, this one titled “She.”


Missed this one…


this happened.


Here’s something to look forward to when Boy George is on the Cafe this spring: a cover of “Bang a Gong (Get It On)” by T. Rex recorded live with Atlanta psych-punks Black Lips!


Watch Boy George and Black Lips cover T. Rex’s “Bang a Gong (Get It On)” live at WXPN because why not. 

Marian Hill “Lovit” / Out Of Town Films

Back in January, we spent some time with the Philly electropop duo, Marian Hill, at the middle school where the two first met to document two songs in their old auditorium. It was where they got their start, singing and performing in the middle school theatre. Here’s the second release from that day, “Lovit”. 


This is excellent. 


Gaze - In the Crowd

Love getting letters like this one from Tony Zhang:

hi mark,

this is tony from philadelphia who makes music under the name of gaze. first i just wanna say that youre such an inspiration to not only the local music scene but around the world. i always looked up to you so this would be so wonderful if you read this letter or even listened to my music.

anyways, ive been writing songs ever since i was 14 and now im 16. something that really inspired my music was my life and the plant aloe vera, i dont know why but i find that specific succulent amazingly beautiful. it kind of symbolizes my life at this certain age. i remember last summer i would write random songs and record them on my laptop right next to my aloe plants in my bedroom. and some nights i would drink all my mom’s wine and cry and write songs about how boring and dry my life was. not really sure how to describe my music style but dreamy is definitely the word. or maybe chillwave?

what i really focus on my music is the melody and the synths. i dont necessarily spend that much of time on writing lyrics because i know i suck at it but sometimes i get stuck for a while then something just comes to my mind the door gets opened. i only have 3 songs right now on bandcamp but i used to have an entire album on there, i deleted it and have been working on new songs ever since. if you want to listen to more of it definitely write me back and ill send you some of the old stuff and new stuff i worked on. lets be friends and hang one day

yours truly,

gaze n_n

Ps: oops srry man i really suck at writing letters u_u i hope you bared with it 

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